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API - Recent Changes to Search?

We've developed an integration app that searches across workspaces by date range for documents. It has been working for quite a while - more than 6 months. Beginning in late March, we started receiving error responses to our search requests. We are getting the following two responses - not sure yet what the pattern is:

- 400 The IntraLinks search engine currently is not available.
- 500 An unexpected System exception was thrown from the application which was not specially handled

Has there been a recent change to the search api that might have broken previous search requests? Or might there be something else occurring (like the service actually being down)?

Re: API - Recent Changes to Search?
Hi dbteamhcp, there have been a number of service interruptions with the core search functionality recently. Our support teams are working to stabilize the service though you may still see the occasional error. For the latest updates you should contact the Intralinks support team at and they can keep you in the loop.

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