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CallBack URL

I have a service running on my Server. I want to give this service ability to upload/download files in IntraLinks. The service account would be the only account to perform the operations and will work without user interactions.
What should I put in CallBack URL when I am creating a new app key? What would be your suggestions for authentication of my service in this architecture?

Re: CallBack URL

Hi Sergey,

The callback URL is an optional parameter that is used with the authorization_code grant type. For your application you will probably want to use the client_credentials grant type and pass the user's username and password directly in the call to /v2/oauth/token. You wont need to provide any value for the Oauth call back when you request your app key. 

For an example on how to use the client_credentials grant type have a look at our upload or download how to documents:

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In an OAuth authorization
In an OAuth authorization process, a client will get redirected to the callback URL after the client grants an access to your service. The redirection requests your app to obtain an access token from Evernote. That is, you have to assign an URL as a part of your app to obtain an access toke at the end of the OAuth authentication.

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