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This API performs two functions:

  • Deletes one or more custom fields on an exchange. Use fieldDefinitionsRequest in the XML parameter to specify the IDs that will be deleted.
  • Deletes all custom fields on an exchange. No request XML is required. Only the workspaceId is needed.

Resource Location

DELETE /services/workspaces/fieldDefinitions

Authorization Type

HTTP Cookie ssoGlobalSessionID

Request Parameters

Name Description Required Example
method Intralinks call method. Must be set to DELETE Yes method=DELETE
workspaceId Integer identifier of the target workspace Yes &workspaceId=123789
xml XML Document that contains the parameters for the call YES

Example Request

Deleting one or more custom fields on an exchange

           <id>544848</id>   <!-- This holds custom fields association id -->   
 <!-- It comes under same (<id>) tag as part of GET request to this API -->

Example Response

A successful response is code 202, and will include in the following XML.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <message>The entities have been updated</message>

Specific error subcodes

Error Sub Code|Description

4-17-4|Custom Field is not on WS_CUSTOM_FIELDS_SETTING workspace setting is not enabled

4-17-17|Invalid Operation on published Custom Field.

Cannot delete published custom fields. Custom fields must be returned to draft mode before deleting.