Intralinks Developer Portal

The Get File API downloads all the files attached to the specified document.


Resource Location

GET /services/workspaces/documents/file


Authorization Type

HTTP Cookie ssoGlobalSessionID


Request Parameters

Name Description Required Example
method Intralinks call method. Must be set to GET Yes method=GET
xml XML Document that contains the parameters for the call Yes  
workspaceId Integer identifier of the target exchange Yes &workspaceId=123789
documentId Integer identifier of the target document Yes &documentId=456
chunkType Type of chunk requested. Valid values are:
No &chunkType=PAGE
chunkSize Size of the chunk to be used (units are in bytes) No &chunkSize=100

Example Request

curl -k -X GET
-b "ssoGlobalSessionID=SESSION_ID" 
"" > c:\contract.pdf


Example Response

The file content will be returned in the body of the response if the path, filename, and extention to your download destination are not specified. Otherwise the response will resemble that which is below:

% Total     % Received     % Xferd     Avg Dload     Speed Upload    Time Total    Time Spent    Time Left    Current Speed
100 373     0   373        0    0       1087              0           --:--:--     --:--:--      --:--:--       1087