Intralinks Developer Portal

Some workspaces require certain conditions to be satisfied, like accepting a splash screen, before you can work with the contents. Not all workspaces require you to do additional steps beyond entering, but all workspaces require you to first call this API.

Resource Location

POST /services/workspaces/entry

Authorization Type

HTTP Cookie ssoGlobalSessionID

Request Parameters

Name Description Format Required Default Example
method Intralinks call method. Must be set to CREATE string yes none method=CREATE
workspaceId Integer identifier of the exchange you wish to work with. Long Yes workspaceId=123

XML Body

The XML passed to the session API must hav ethe following form:

Name Description Required Example
acceptSplash Whether the user has accepted the splash content No <acceptSplash>T</acceptSplash>
answer Contains answer to the security question. No <answer>Brookline High School</answer>
oneTimePassword One-time password No <oneTimePassword >HG43HWHT3</oneTimePassword>
contentDeclarationUpdateRequest User preference on the exchange. Must specify either Y or N Yes <vewPrivatePreference>Y</vewPrivatePreference>
supportedStates List of states the client accepts.
One or more of:
No <state>ACCEPT_SPLASH<state>

Example Request

curl -k -X POST
-b "ssoGlobalSessionID=SESSION_ID" “”

Request Body


Example Response