Intralinks Developer Portal

The Get Worksapce Documents API retrieves the metadata for all the accessible documents within the specified workspace. If a document ID is specified, only the metadata for that document will be returned.

Resource Location

GET /services/workspaces/documents

Authorization Type

HTTP Cookie ssoGlobalSessionID

Request Parameters

Name Description Required Example
method Intralinks call method. Must be set to GET Yes method=GET
xml XML Document that contains the parameters for the call Yes
workspaceId Integer identifier of the target exchange Yes &workspaceId=123789
documentId Integer identifier of the target document. If left blank, API will retrieve metadata for all accessible documents in the workspace Yes &documentId=456

Example Request

curl -k -X GET
-b "ssoGlobalSessionID=SESSION_ID" 

Example Response

    <status><code>200</code><message>Request completed fine, no errors</message></status>
        <name>Customer xyz Contract</name>