Intralinks Developer Portal

Retrieve a list and metadata of all workspaces visible to the user.


Resource Location

GET /services/workspaces


Authorization Type

HTTP Cookie ssoGlobalSessionID


Request Parameters

Name Description Format Required Default Example
method Intralinks call method. Must be set to GET string yes none method=GET
workspaceId Filter results to a particular workspace. If an invalid workspaceId is specified, the API will return metadata for all accessible exchanges. long no If not specified, API will retrieve metadata for all accessible exchanges. n/a
phase Filter results by exchange "phase"
string no All non-deleted exchanges are retrieved &phase=OPEN

Example Request

curl -k -X GET
-b "ssoGlobalSessionID=SESSION_ID" “”

Example Response

    <workspaceName>Test Workspace</workspaceName>
    <description>My Workspace</description>