Intralinks Developer Portal

APIKey - Sequence of numbers used to authenticate your app with the V1 Session API. These are no longer used and have been migrated to OAuth Client Keys

ClientID - 4-10 alpha-numeric key assigned to an application and required on all V1 API calls. Deprecated in V2 API.

OAuth Client Key - Used along with Client Secret to establish a user session with Using the OAuth APIs. This key is public information.

OAuth Client Secret - Used along with Client Key to establish a user session with Using the OAuth APIs. This key is secret and should never leave the control of your application.

GUD - “Global User Directory”. User account information for logging into Intralinks

Organization - Information about the group or company that is responsible for user accounts.

Contract - Details the Intralinks product information an organization has access to. Organizations can have 0, 1, or more contracts.

Business Group - Collection of users and roles that have access to a particular workspace/exchange templates and policies.

Template - Collections of settings and policies that define how exchanges / workspaces that are created will function.

Workspace User - Instance of a GUD user that has access to a particular exchange or workspace. IDs and some settings for a workspace user can differ from settings in other workspaces the user has access to. 

Workspace Group - Collection of workspace users that are used to permission content within a workspace.

Developers Portal - The website where API documentation is maintained.