Intralinks Developer Portal

Upon successful client login, the authorize API will redirect with HTTP 302 to the redirect_uri provided and set the state and accesscode in URL parameters.

GET /v2/oauth/authorize


Request Parameters

Parameter Description Required Data Type Default
client_id Consumer key for your application. This is provided by Intralinks when your account is set up. Yes String  
state A UUID generated by the client application and sent back by the OAuth provider. The client application should validate that the same state was recieved back. No String  
scope Used to further limit the access granted to OAuth token. Only scope=ilservices is currently supported. No String ilservices
endOtherSessions Used to end any other Intralinks Platform sessions the user may have started. This parameter can be used to override the “concurrent user” setting that allows users to maintain multiple sessions. No Boolean False


Response Payload

This loads the Intralinks OAuth login page. Client apps should use this URL to send the user to the Intralinks OAuth login page.