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Intralinks Workspace Performance Guidelines and Limitations

(the figures below represent limitations within a given workspace)

Aspect Guideline Comments
Documents Total number 20,000 Affects advanced reports and exports, DVD archive, and smart filters. Performance degrades as the number of documents increases.
Number in a single folder 1,000 Performance of folder navigation will slow as the number of items in the folder increases.
File size 2 GB
6 GB (Intralinks Courier only)
6 GB applies only to Courier clients. Larger size files may be possible, but 6 GB is the maximum size tested.
Total size 40 GB Greater sizes are possible, but they may affect DVD archives.
Folders Total number 10,000
Number of top-level folders 200
Users Total users in a workspace 5,000
Total users in a group 2,500
Groups Total number 2,500
Workspace Reports Maximum Export Limit Cells 10,000
Maximum Groups Limit 150
Maximum Users Limit 150