Intralinks Developer Portal

This API updates one or more existing folders with new settings.

Resource Location

POST /v1/services/workspaces/folders

Authorization Type

HTTP Cookie ssoGlobalSessionID

Request Parameters

Name Description Required Example
method Intralinks call method. Must be set to CREATE Yes method=CREATE
xml XML Document that contains the parameters for the call Yes
workspaceId Integer identifier of the target exchange Yes &workspaceId=123789

XML Body fields

Information about the folder you are creating needs to be submitted in an XML document with the following structure.

Name Description Required Example
id folderId of the folder to update Yes <id>123456</id>
version Version of the folder. Used for optimistic locking Yes <version>2wd23ewd32</version>
name Name of the folder Yes <name>foo bar baz</name>
note Note associated with the folder No <note>this folder is for PDF's</note>
indexingDisabled Indicates whether search indexing should be turned off for this folder No <indexingDisabled>T</indexingDisabled>

Example Request

curl -k -X POST -b "ssoGlobalSessionID=SESSION_ID" -d "xml=XML_REQUEST" " method=UPDATE&client=YOUR_CLIENT_ID&workspaceId=WORKSPACE_ID"

Example XML

   <name>index test rename</name> 
   <note>test update-xml validation</note> 

Example Response

    <message>The entities have been updated</message> 
     <name>Test Folder -1</name>