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PowerShell Users

Hi Folks -

For those of you evaluating our new V2 API's, PowerShell offers quite a bit of functionality for automated, scripted types of interactions. Not a great fit where a visual interface and human intervention is concerned, of course.

A few caveats to be aware of:
1 - PowerShell's Invoke-RestMethod cmdlet is not up to the task of replacing curl - alas. It's support for headers DOES NOT include
support for Content-Type and Authorization-Type arguments, at least in 3.0, so you'd likely have to define custom web client objects to
overcome this. Happy to hear of other's experiences here...
2 - Whereas our code samples will suggest a space following the ":" with JSON formats, in the -d or --data args for curl, this won't do (even
though it works just fine - sigh - in a normal command shell). Get rid of that space and you should be all set.

We PowerShell types are probably on the fringes of this community, but I'd love to hear from others on their experiences with this
nifty scripting language, as I'm sure there are some scenarios that could be well served by its use.

Happy coding and looking forward to reading your contributions!

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