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Getting a new OAUTH Token the option 'endOtherSessions' doesn't work as expected

I am having an application that download documents programmatically from the platform.
If for some reason the token is not explicitly revoked on exit. I cannot get a new token until the old one times out (1h).

Also setting the option 'endOtherSessions' = true in the call I am not getting a new token.

This is what I get when making the request:

"message":"Your session has been logged out as the same user is logged in elsewhere.",

I have tried to login / logout with the user credentials on the portal but the token is not revoked (even if I would assume it should be) as my understanding is that we should have a single session for the same user.

I am using client_credentials as access method.

("grant_type", "client_credentials"),
("client_id", settings.ApiClientId),
("client_secret", settings.ApiClientSecret),
("endOtherSessions", settings.EndOtherSessions.ToString()),
("email", settings.ApiEmail),
("password", settings.ApiPassword)

I would be happy if there is a way to get a new token if the old one has ben lost without revoking, or have the option endOtherSessions working as described in the specifications.

We're see same issue. This

We're see same issue. This started around 6/11/2019 for us though. Were you ever able to get this working?

@mariozucca - if you're using

@mariozucca - if you're using client_credentials you must include the endOtherSessions in the url coded post body. I just ran this using "True" and it seemed to work okay. Are you still having issues?

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